Finding Home in Redemption
January 9, 2021
What If Spiders Paid Rent?
January 16, 2021

“It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” by Kim K.

Nadine Parker has lived a fairly low-key, successful life while trying to stay away from the drama and focus on herself. However, life has a funny way of tossing in some of the most unpredictable curve balls that comes in the form of her ex-boyfriend Quintin.

Quinton is now engaged to Nadine’s estranged sister Natalie, a shocker to say the least. Nadine has the task of a lifetime and that is to get through this so-called blissful wedding with her family. She starts by recruiting her handsome friend McKay to help her along the way.

Secrets are exposed, emotions are entangled, and things get very messy. Will this wedding happen against all odds? Or, will Nadine find herself in an unimaginable situation that’s much easier to get in than out of?

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