It Ain’t Always The Cowboy

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November 10, 2021
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December 21, 2021

“It Ain’t Always The Cowboy” by Mercy Meredith

Matthew O’Clery and his family have no choice but to flee Ireland and the famine, and seek refuge and opportunity in the Great U.S. However, travel by sea is unforgiving, and he finds himself the sole survivor of the journey.

Alone and with little money, fortune seems to strike when the boy is offered an opportunity working for a man named Isaac Duffy. Things seem alright until he finds himself falling in love with the rancher’s wife, Pearl. Matthew knows she is suffering at the hands of her abusive husband, and the more he falls in love with her, the less he can stand by and do nothing.

He has to do what any good cowboy would do. He has to save his woman.

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