February 15, 2021
The Book of Nonsense
February 20, 2021

“Imago Dei: A Theological Study of the Divine Image Based on Semantic Relation od צלם and פנים” by Steven Yong

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The question of what it means to be human is a perplexing one. Indeed, one of the most cited and referred concept to shed light on the meaning of becoming human is the notion of צלם אלהים divine image. However, the history of interpretation shows that the three major views, such as structural, functional, and relational, on the concept yielded some discrepancies, both biblical and practical. The purpose of this study is to give an alternative solution consistent with the biblical witness.

This writing comes with strategies. It starts with the effort to reread the locus classicus of the divine image text to find some neglected aspects. It yielded to comparable elements between messengers and humans as a representative agent of God in the physical world since humans are created in the image of אלהים, i.e., God and his heavenly court. Observation of the texts of Hagar, Moses, and Jacob narrative show that humans, mimicking messengers, represent God’s presence both by their actions and their very beings. The term פּנים, which is closely representing the notion of presence, then will be observed concerning the concept of צלם. It will be argued that as צלם אלהים, thus, humans represent God’s invisible פּנים presence in the visible world.

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