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September 27, 2020
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October 17, 2020

“I Promise: A Series of Divine Interventions and Seeing the Impossible Become Possible” by Adriana Marston

Are you at the crossroads of making a crucial decision in your life?
Have you ever felt that God doesn’t hear you?
Are you dealing with a situation that seems impossible?

Adriana’s memoir has something for everyone. It is a story of faith and fulfilled promises, a beautiful display of hope, dreams, perseverance, and trust.

Join Adriana on a divinely guided journey of transformation and learn how God can make the impossible become possible in your life through a series of divine interventions.

Her story includes intentional dreams, synchronicities, people sent into her life for a reason, events that seem like coincidences, and a divinely woven story of the impossible becoming possible.
When she faced an impossible situation she made a promise.
What was the promise? Did she keep it?

Find out about her promise and prepare for a real-life journey of discovery.
From start to finish, this heartfelt memoir will inspire and empower you on your life path.

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