I am here, I am now. Let it go, I tell you how

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November 12, 2018
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November 15, 2018

I am here, I am now. Let it go, I tell you how.: Avoid energy vampires for a higher quality of life.” by Michael Repkowsky

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– Are you ready to let go of what is pulling you down?
– Are you struggling with negative thinking energy vampires?
– Are you aware that some people rob you of your strength?
– Would you like to significantly increase your quality of life
– Do you dare to use unusual but promising methods?
– Do you have the desire to finally get rid of inhibiting thoughts?
– Do you intuitively feel that you are entitled to a more positive life?

If so, you found this book exactly at the right time!
It is no coincidence that you became aware of this book.
This guide will help you with the following points:

~Learning to let go
~The Candy-method
~The secret of the shiney’s
~Think positive
~Get rid of feelings of guilt
~Live in the here and now
~Successfully transforming anger
~Too many thoughts slow down life
and many more! …….

Do you sometimes feel weak and powerless, without knowing exactly why?
Are there any days when you lack the necessary drive?
Do sometimes the smallest tasks turn out to be exhausting?
Many people feel the same way.
Reason for this are very common so-called energy vampires.

Energy vampires are usually negative thinking people who are able to rob us of valuable life energy. With their low-minded attitude they often make us feel tired and exhausted. Even short conversations can be very tedious for us. In this book you will find efficient tips, suggestions and ideas, to help you successfully deal with energy vampires.

It is written to encourage you to recognize them and to make you more robust and relaxed.

Michael Repkowsky describes this book as a deep insight into his bag of tricks, designed to help you gain the momentum needed to experience a peaceful, coherent level of awareness. 
Chapters such as the candy method, discover your drama, or the quick-witted protective shield should help strengthen your nervous-system.

The author is convinced that preserving your precious life energy is essential for a fulfilling everyday life full of joy, fun and happiness. 

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