How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing Now!

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July 23, 2019
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July 26, 2019

How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing Now!: A Simple Guide to Overcome Procrastination, Hacking Laziness and Taking Action Through the Power of Self-Discipline” by Personal Productivity Project

How many problems come from procrastination? How many chances have you lost because of it?

Many, you know that. Many procrastinators are perfectly aware of the price they pay and what their behavior causes, yet they cannot stop. It’s hard to admit, but because of procrastination, they are still passively watching their opportunities and their life flow away.

You’ve tried so many techniques to stop procrastinating and yet you’re back to square one, again. Why?
There are three reasons why, even with all the information available,a procrastinator cannot stop procrastinating. The first is that he doesn’t know the internal dynamics of procrastination. The second is that she often uses strategies which, by their own nature, cannot work. The third is that he uses the right tools at the wrong time, so they don’t work.

With this book you will:

• Gain a better understanding about what procrastination is, why we do it, and the many form sit can take in our lives

• See how procrastination can negatively impact your life

• Understand why motivation alone is not enough to help you achieve your goals

• Learn why willpower is helpful, but not the ultimate solution in this case

• Find out how self-discipline works and why it can help

• Realize why there are so many methods to beat procrastination, but they don’t work.

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