Her Unexpected Cowboy

March 20, 2019
Awaken Your ‘Inner’ You
March 21, 2019

“Her Unexpected Cowboy” by Danae Little

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A birthday wish led to an unexpected gift landing on her doorstep. Who knew this unexpected cowboy would bring so much trouble with him?

Sydney led a fulfilling life of hard ranch work. She had her animals, and she thought that was enough for her. Until she made a crazy birthday wish which was answered with an unexpected cowboy.

Jameson woke up on the side of the road, battered and bruised, with no idea how he landed there. In fact, he couldn’t remember anything. When he showed up at Sydney’s house and asked to stay the night in her barn, he had no idea the trouble he brought with him.

If they survived the mess he brought down upon them, would their hearts have a chance at finding love?

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