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March 27, 2020
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March 30, 2020

“Heartbroken Heights: A Sweet Rock Climbing Romance (Sporthearts Book 1)” by M. Frankie

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We’ll never work.
Free spirits don’t stay tied down to places… or people. Especially people like me.

That’s what Chloe Beck keeps telling herself after a Saturday hike in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada sends her stumbling into the arms of handsome, withdrawn rock climber David Corrigan.

He picks her up, dusts her off and sends her along with a smile and an apology. She doesn’t even have time to give him her name.

Somehow, that isn’t the end. Chloe and David keep finding reasons to run into each other around Reno—a returned item here, an unexpected dinner there… and then a kiss stolen by the light of the moon.

But a ticking clock hangs over their time together, and secret insecurities threaten their growing feelings. Chloe’s self-image took a harsh blow when she lost her write-and-travel dream job to a modelesque beauty, and climbing sky-high can’t help David escape a bitter loss from his past.

One is trapped in a stagnant present. One is mired in a broken past. Both need each other, but…

Will they realize the truth before it’s too late?
Before David leaves forever?

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