Hang Shakespeare

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March 8, 2020
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March 15, 2020

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“Hang Shakespeare: But not DeVere, Looke in his Booke” by Robert Boog

Why hang Shakespeare? Because Ben Jonson, who KNEW both William Shakespeare and Edward DeVere claims Willy is a thief! Is Jonson really calling out from across time and space imploring us to investigate? In Hang Shakespeare you will discover three NEW and original discoveries to prove the man from Stratford is NOT the real author. One is from the “To the Reader” poem where Jonson directly spells out a different candidate’s name. Proof number Two comes from the Sonnets where a voice from the past will congratulate you. And finally, proof number THREE revisits the Catalog of Plays and once again points out a familiar name. The SAME name, three times!
Author Robert Boog suggests that nowadays a teacher, who suspects plagiarism of another student’s work, would look for evidence of the creative process. After all, nobody can write something out of nowhere. Defenders of Shakespeare from Stratford-upon-Avon often claim that there is not ONE shred of evidence that anyone, other than Shakespeare, could have written the works. Until now because Boog shows us several intriguing NEW discoveries. Enter with an open mind, and you can see for yourself.

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