Gulf of Guinea

Beyond the Shadows
July 31, 2019
Tails that leave Trails
August 2, 2019

Gulf of Guinea” by George Nii Amon Ashie

A true collection of original short stories: Open your eyes to life in West Africa! Like the many rivers that drain into the GULF OF GUINEA; these stories will spark your curiosity in the West African culture and its many characters whose innocent, unfiltered and organic, spirited dialogue will arouse your senses and give you insight and appreciation of this rich and fragrant land and its people.These stories are intense, passionate and riveting with detail, providing an insight about another culture and way of life. … At times there is comedic relief, and at others …unexpected contemplation, which can create the effect of being lost in intense and deep thought about what was transpiring. The stories are unique, articulate and powerful.

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