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March 26, 2019
Standing Out
March 27, 2019

“Geo” by Virginia Noelle

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There are eight billion people in the world… the fate of mankind is in the hands of five. Teenagers from all walks of life, they have been chosen to face the Apocalypse. The last line of defense for the human race… Given powers beyond their wildest imaginations, they must learn to work together to fulfill the prophecy. But the prophecy is unclear. One version says the Kinetics bring the world’s salvation… and the other says they are its destruction…

Sixteen-year-old Indigo Henderson has spent her entire life blending into the background in middle-class London. With four older brothers and a busy and overprotective father, it’s not hard to disappear into the scenery. One night changes everything as she is thrust into a millennia-old prophecy that says she is a Kinetic, a group of teenagers tasked with saving the world from the impending Apocalypse.

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