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December 30, 2020
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January 5, 2021

“Fat No More: How to lose weight, so it stays off for life!” by Stavros Mastrogiannis

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Have you lost weight many times before but always gained it back?

Do you wonder if you could ever lose the weight and keep it off?

There is a way to lose weight for life, with minimal effort, but there is a CATCH!

You have to forget everything you think you know about losing weight and getting in shape and be open to a completely different approach.

The simple fact is, you could lose weight by counting calories, measuring your food, eliminating certain foods from your diet, or through hard workouts, HOWEVER…..

…NONE of those methods are practical in the real world, and they are very hard to live with, and that is why the vast majority of people using those methods end up quitting and regaining the weight back.

With FAT NO MORE, you will learn a completely different way to lose weight, which will enable you to keep it off effortlessly.

This book is based on how people who live in healthy regions around the world, can maintain their excellent health and lean bodies, effortlessly!


•A way to lose weight for life that works with human nature AND VERY EASY TO APPLY!
•The 7 healthy behaviors that all healthy regions have in common.
•How to change your habits permanently, with the least amount of effort.
•How to eliminate cravings WITHOUT eliminating junk food from your house. (much easier than you might think)

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