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April 24, 2020
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April 26, 2020

“ERIKA: A hard-boiled short thriller full of surprising twists” by Felix Marlovic

A good thriller makes you hold your breath from the very first page.
It keeps you guessing of who the killer is to the very end and has an unusual twist.
Does this sound like your kind of book?
Do you think you can untangle all the loose ends of the story and reveal the killer?
Are you sure you can handle what you find out?
Put your bravery and detective skills to the test with this captivating thriller.
The more you get involved, the more disturbing it gets.
Follow a story about a little girl, called Erika, who has lost it all at a very young
age. When she was only seven years old, her parents got brutally murdered from
the hands of a serial killer. Erika is lucky enough to start a new life with her uncle’s
family in a small quiet town. The girl seems to be safe now under the protection of her
uncle, who serves as a police captain.
What could go wrong?
However, the killings follow Erika to the new place. The past torments her, and she has
a hard time recovering from the trauma. The murders keep happening, accompanied
by eerie phrases of the song „Sympathy for the Devil“.
As if death herself is singing a farewell lullaby for the lost souls.
The strange killer was named the “beast” by the news for the barbaric methods. The
singing doesn’t seem to fit the puzzle, which only further complicates police investigation. Are you hooked yet?
Get ready for your hairs to stand up, and blood to chill when you make the final
Think you can handle the truth? Find out. Add this hard-boiled short thriller to your cart.

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