Divided We Fall

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June 23, 2021
The Boy with Two Hearts
July 30, 2021

Divided We Fall: United We Stand” by Benny Bey

Divided We Fall-United We Stand is an awareness tool which shows righteous people are divided from unnatural forces. The inability for us to unite for righteous causes has weakened us just as it did when divide and conquer was implemented as a tool to control slave plantations during the years of physical slavery. Presently, in the time of mental slavery, our oppressors sleep soundless nights because we are quick to divide ourselves for reasons that have no merit. In Divided We Fall we discuss the seven most known reasons people are dividing themselves. This book will break down the barriers that we have willingly put up around ourselves and bring us back into the mentality of unity. Only our unity will allow us to stand against present and future wrongs committed on the masses of people everywhere. And this book is where you begin your journey back to the family of righteousness.

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