I think I saw a Bug
March 9, 2022
The Self-Improver
March 19, 2022

“Dangerous Bureau” by Roger Williams

Murderers. Psychopaths. They’ll create a new America. They’ll develop technology and invade the private information of citizens. They’ll aid corporate America in creating elitism — taking over its democracy and economy.

That’s Eric Colvin’s view. He runs a secretive, very powerful rogue government program. The Intellect Bureau. If criminals are super smart, Colvin will covertly save them from prison or execution.

Tara Helms, a housewife and computer whiz, accidentally learns her child’s killer is in the IB. She’ll team with a guilt-ridden, former IB agent, in attempting to destroy Eric Colvin. The fight will be arduous, a brutal one — to the death.

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