ForexDog’s Vacuum Zone Trading 2021

“ForexDog’s Vacuum Zone Trading 2021” by Forex Dog | Twitter | YouTube | 【FOREX】ForexDog’s Vacuum Zone Trading 【Trading Strategy to “not lose” based on Experience and Logic】 【FOREX】From You can learn ・ How to aim the points a forex rate moves dramatically ・ To calculate Ruin Probability ・ Over 60% win rate strategy This book … Read more

Your Marketing Content Planner

“Your Marketing Content Planner: 8 Steps To Supercharge Your Content Plan and Build a Social Media Strategy That Sells” by Izabela Cottle Your content planner is the key in creating blog posts or social media content that sells your products or services. Content should work for you not the other way around. Each piece of … Read more

eCommerce Business Marketing 2021

“eCommerce Business Marketing 2021” by Christopher Miller Would you like to learn how to build 3 different profitable businesses that can guarantee you a passive income, even if you are a beginner and don’t have any experience on the subject? If the answer is “YES” then keep reading.  I’m sure you know that we are living in the era of digitalization, where being online is almost essential, … Read more

Business Inception

“Business Inception: Proven Successful Business Tools Used Among the Greatest for the Beginner Entrepreneur” by Luis Cota Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur? Are you fascinated by the idea of making passive income? Or perhaps you want to find a way to finance your dream of traveling the world? Maybe you just want to … Read more

Empowered Leadership

“Empowered Leadership: Inspire your team by cultivating collaborative cultures” by Kris K. Pitta | Website | Do you need help motivating your team? Are you ready to take charge and prove you’re an effective leader in and out of the boardroom? Inspire Your Team by Cultivating Collaborative Cultures invites you on a self-development journey in an … Read more