Call 1-800-Hangman

Declare Your Confidence Queen
June 22, 2022
American Slave
June 28, 2022

“Call 1-800-Hangman” by Nolan

Meet Kam Boudin and the disgruntled employees of the Execution Machine Corporation as they travel the globe trying to make sense of their macabre line of work, all the while slamming head first into mid-life. Desperate to change his life, Kam’s career morphs into a spiritual journey as he and his friends are forced to outsmart unethical corporations, televangelists, and the US Government Agency that has contracted them and now wants them dead. As if it couldn’t get any worse, they run into the devil himself, angry over losing his stolen, bound for hell, souls to Kam and his crew. The line between Heaven and Earth… and hell, has never been blurrier.

Politics and plagues aside, death has never looked better. Warning, this is very dark humor and not intended for victims, but what love story is?

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