Breakups, Healing & Self-Love

Dear Diary
July 16, 2019
Ever the Wayward Sky
July 19, 2019

“Breakups, Healing & Self-Love: Find Inner Peace” by Ohouo Goa

I had a twisted idea of love and relationships early on. Hence, for self-preservation, I vowed never to be vulnerable or be a victim of love. Unbelievably, I grew up and found myself repeating the same sins that my family and society promoted. It was then that it dawned on me to break down my walls and give love a chance, in my life, once again. But there was a problem. I had forgotten how to love. I had so much protected my heart from love for so long that I was now clueless about how to love and be loved. Follow my journey on finding love and healing from failed relationships. In this book, I am sharing my blueprint on healing from breakups and finding inner peace all by accepting myself, others and using my pain as a fuel to grow and be a better version of myself.

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