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February 4, 2021
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February 8, 2021

Billionaire Valentine’s Day Auction” by A.K. Creek

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Revenge is sweet this Valentine’s Day.

Darius Martin and his brothers embarrassed me years ago and shook my confidence. So when I find out that he is putting himself up for auction on Valentine’s Day, I decide to drop everything and go. I’m going to outbid every last woman there and finally get a taste of sweet revenge.

I didn’t like the idea of filling in for my brother Darius at this Valentine’s Day auction until I saw Raven Robinson. At least I know her. If she wins, I’ll be in good hands. But then again, something sinister about her face makes me think otherwise.

Dex, get ready to take off your cufflinks and roll up your sleeves. Raven is going to make this a Valentine’s Day that she’ll never forget.

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