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January 2, 2019
January 4, 2019

“Baby Sleep Training” by Maria Isabella Pérez

The Options all Parents Need to Know Including What Your Grandparents Forgot to Tell You

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Does your baby refuse to sleep, wake up every 30 minutes during the night, or always wake up too early in the morning? Are you desperate to let your baby sleep without crying so you yourself can get some rest? Then keep reading….

Almost nobody tells you about the impact of the sleep-depriving nights for weeks or months in a row. Rocking your baby to sleep for an hour only to get him or her waking up 25 minutes later. Even without a sleep problem, your newborn hasn’t developed the right hormone balance yet to follow the day-and-night rhythm in the first three months. 

But how does that leave you?

Maybe you feel like a living zombie. You are afraid that you cannot take care of your newborn because of the sleep you are missing.

All moms and dads have been there. Some worse than others. You are in the middle of it. Don’t worry, there has been a great amount of research done and studies on practical and healthy ways to get your baby to sleep independently. As a help for all sleep-deprived moms, it’s my duty to share everything I learned dealing with my three babies.

In Baby Sleep Training you will discover:

  • The step-by-step baby sleep training methods and how to teach your baby to fall asleep within 10 minutes based on the baby’s age
  • Easy to understand facts about how a healthy baby should sleep so you can see how yours is doing
  • To-the-point tips and tricks for your baby’s daytime naps
  • How to handle sleep regressions when the baby grows for reasons like growing teeth and food reflux.
  • The unknown effects of sleep deprivation on your baby’s health and on your health and the newest methods you can use to prevent this

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