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March 20, 2019
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March 22, 2019

Awaken Your ‘Inner’ You: 7 Steps to Sharpen Your Emotional Intelligence” by Biju Goppalan

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In the midst of uncertainty and stress, it’s hard to keep our emotions in check. Whether it’s from feeling trapped, confused, or unable to find a solution to a situation or from financial, psychological, or emotional hardship it can become very difficult to keep our mental and emotional health in mind. As author and entrepreneur Biju Goppalan knows that once that healthy balance is disturbed it can manifest into unhealthy activities, aggression, and a negative feedback loop that is often very difficult to break out of and that can lead to fatal decisions.

Author Biju Goppalan experienced this negative imbalance in his own life due to extremely stressful and trying circumstances, and was left contemplating a very drastic step in order to end the weariness of combating all of his negative emotions day after day, which drained all his energy leading to mood swings, anger, bouts of indecision, self-loathing, and a tendency to blame others for the situation he was in. Then, after hitting rock bottom, he started meditating and trying to understand the study of self-management and with it helped awakened his “inner self,” leading him to feel more in control of his thoughts, emotions, and allowing himself to begin to take the first steps toward his own personal transformation.

It was that experience that drove him to write Awaken the “Inner You” and share his emotional journey and success with others. Using techniques and advice based on self-management and emotional intelligence theories, Awaken the “Inner You” will help you understand and address the emotions that sit at the core of the uncertainty, stress, and hardship in your life and give you the tools to building a positive beneficial emotional framework that will help you get back on your feet and bring emotional balance back into your life.

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