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June 9, 2020
Meditate & Grow Rich
June 14, 2020

“Austerity Millionaire” by Alexander Kang

Outlined in this book is the path to becoming an austerity millionaire.

“Austerity Millionaire provides simple instructions for attaining financial success. Devoid of harebrained get-rich-quick schemes, Austerity Millionaire outlines clear, actionable choices any regular office worker can make on a daily basis to turn their seemingly unimpressive annual salary into riches and early retirement, with a little bit of time and patience. Great read.”

* The information contained in this book does not constitute financial advice and is merely a financial opinion based on experience and personal opinion of the author. Please consult a certified financial advisor/professional along with an accredited tax advisor such as a CPA to make any and all investment decisions and/or to seek professional advice from.

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