Anxious Attachment No More

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May 4, 2021
June 1, 2021

“Anxious Attachment No More” by Taha Zaid 

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This book will teach you:
What anxious attachment means and how to tell if you have an anxious attachment

The dating patterns that anxious attachment often causes and patterns that you can instill to overcome anxious behaviors

How anxious attachment looks in relationships versus how secure attachment looks in relationships

The nervous system’s role in your attachment style and how using the way your brain is wired can transform how you engage romantically

Scientifically proven ways of resisting your insecure attachment style

Dating exercises you can use to break free from some of the anxious thoughts that hold you back

How to reshape your attachment style and rewrite the negative thought patterns that feed into that anxious attachment

Ways to promote self-esteem, intimacy, and autonomy in your life so that you have more confidence and the ability to heal some of your self-doubts that feed your anxiety

A logical approach to healing emotional wounds that lessen the joy you feel

If you have an anxious attachment style, you may struggle to believe you will ever be worthy enough for potential partners, and you may doubt that relationships will ever work out. While it takes hard work to change an insecure attachment style, research shows that people can create secure attachment by doing work on themselves and facilitating better communication with partners. All you need is to learn the tools that this book provides and begin to apply them to your life. Don’t wait to feel secure in relationships.

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