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March 22, 2019
The Return of Light
March 25, 2019

“Antisocial” by Bradley Campbell

New York City Detective Tristin is living the dream with a beautiful fiancée and promising career when the unexpected happens: a disgusting act of violence makes him leave the force.
After joining a private protection agency, Tristin tries to walk the line between the law and his own sense of justice. Things get even more difficult when he is distracted by his new client— Lucia Trenta — a spoiled up and coming pop star with a skewed view of the world. As the case unravels, social media’s overwhelming power to manipulate minds and drastically affect everyday people’s lives becomes evident. Tristin finds himself up against faceless enemies behind keyboards, his developing feelings for Lucia, and a reconnection with the daughter his ex-fiancée kept from him. As things get more complicated, will he be able to cut through the noise and find justice for Lucia and a new future for himself?

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