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March 19, 2022
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March 27, 2022

“Anthology of A Disturbed Mind” by Skye Andrews

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“This Anthology came with an opening interview that instantly hooked me. You’d have to be as cold as a reptile not to have certain shivers running through you already. A thrilling experience that’ll leave you cautious and conscious about the probable dangers prevalent in our world. Let’s face it, this is the world we live in… it’s reality encased in fiction.” By: J.F.T

“A spell-binding story of misery and murder, from all points of view. “Anthology of a Disturbed Mind” is full of twists and turns, with a side of intrigue and torturous crimes not for the faint of heart. Follow the journey into the dark mind of a serial killer, his beloved companion, and the son he never knew he had.” By: Jennifer Reeves

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