Another Sheep To Be Shorn – Men and Divorce

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May 30, 2019
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June 1, 2019

“Another Sheep To Be Shorn – Men and Divorce: My Story, Thoughts & Musings” by Simon Brown

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Simon Brown is an ordinary working Man, yet with his decision to be a ‘Respondent in Person’ the UK Family Courts and his Wife’s hoard of Credit Funded Family Lawyers subjected him to a near 4 Year Divorce wrangle over his only real asset; his Home. With incredible humour Simon takes the reader through his early and married life and then the farce of the Divorce Proceedings.

ANOTHER SHEEP TO BE SHORN – MEN AND DIVORCE is a sad yet very funny breeze through the life and courtroom dealings of an everyday working class man pulled through the gun barrel of the Family Court in what Simon himself describes as a ‘System Run by Women for Women’.

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