An Easy Book to Happiness

August 22, 2020
Minute Magic
August 31, 2020

“An Easy Book to Happiness: How to Get Rid of Baggage and Achieve One’s Own Goals” by Maria Beatrice Alonzi

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Have you ever woken up looking at the ceiling and thinking:
“How did I get here?”

If the answer is yes, this is the book for you.
It will give you a different point of view on everything that happens to you and how to face it, digging through rubble and shards to rebuild you piece by piece, achieving happiness, grabbing your goals, dreams, desires, without feeling no more the weight of the past or the guilt, without being limited by what iteratively happens in your mind, even to sail successfully stormy waters.


Maria Beatrice Alonzi is an italian writer and a Business & Career Coach with over 10 million clicks.
She has a mission in life: to help everyone reach their full potential without fear, towards every possible happiness and goal.

She works with the biggest Italian and international brands, has helped to create the most famous names in the new online and offline entrepreneurship and has been awarded for her professional merits and as an artist worldwide.
She lives in Rome, Italy, has a dog named Olivia and is engaged to the actor Francesco Guglielmi.

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