Amos And Owl

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January 3, 2021
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January 9, 2021

“Amos And Owl- First Day Of School” by Jay Mckoskie

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Parents, does your little one struggle to understand the negative and positive consequences of their decisions?

This beautifully illustrated book about Amos, a young boy starting kindergarten, will touch your heart while helping teach this important lesson. Follow along with Amos and his wise owl that helps show him the consequences of his actions. Meanwhile, Amos learns about waiting his turn, controlling his temper when mistakes happen, and to not violate other’s personal space.

Bond with your child while reading this book together or encourage independent reading time.

Written by a father with an autistic son, this book aims to open conversations on tough topics that many kids on the Autism and ADHD spectrum struggle with. Encourage your child to ask questions and show them that others share their struggles, all while reminding them they’re important and loved.

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