November 4, 2021
Melody Sail & The Four
November 7, 2021

“A Cure for the Common Scam” by Kyle Jekot

We all get the calls. We all get the e-mails. But can you tell the difference between a legitimate call or e-mail…and a scam? Scammers are working harder than ever before to take advantage of you, your identity, and your money. With some guidance and perspective, A Cure for the Common Scam will help walk you through steps you can take to protecting yourself against the common scams of today. Explained in non-technical, straightforward, and practical terms, you will learn:

– why a passphrase may be more secure than a password,

– how to safeguard your bank and investment accounts,

– how to stay safe while shopping online,

– and much more!

You do not have to fall victim to the schemes of scammers. Learn what it takes to stand up to them and protect yourself today.

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