21st Century Battle Hymns

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February 20, 2022
The Serpent’s Daughter
February 27, 2022

“21st Century Battle Hymns” by SJ Leveaux

The monsters of today do not sleep in woods, they do not reside in caves or in darkness, but behind screens, high upon capital and deep, deep in the chaos.

21st Century Battle Hymns is a collection of forty-eight modern poems that live and breathe on their own. These are reflections of our world; questions and reminiscences. They are hymns in praise of what has already left the cliff-edge of time or else in fear of the monsters that crawl up its face.

Time, desire, nostalgia, nature, beauty, society, people and the mind are the elemental threads that bind these verses. A great collection for people who feel beaten, out of place or at war with the modern world.

“When you mix romance, passion, perversity, darkness and trepidation into one, Leveaux is what you get. His roots are in linguistics, which is evident from his poems, the lines of which take your tongue and mind on an adventure.”

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