1984 When Two Worlds Collide

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April 16, 2020
Self Discipline
April 22, 2020

1984 When Two Worlds Collide” by Jerome Sitko

This fast action, spine-tingling, horror-thriller will keep your hair standing on end until the last page.

It’s the summer of 1984, the sun is shining, and kids are enjoying their summer vacation in the small town of Boise, Idaho. All of them except teenager Lance Bergman and his friends Jeremy and Joey.

For them, their nightmare continues. The kids escaped the cruel alternate world of Sheol, where they battled Charlie, a sadistic demonic serial killer and his army of undead he calls grouplings. They thought they lost their friend, Ryan, forever. But, what dies in Sheol isn’t really dead.

Now the teenagers must return to a world that looks like ours but has flesh-eating demons, hoards of evil undead, dark specters, and mutant vultures the size of a short bus.

Follow the teenagers and a faithful dog as they navigate the surreal landscape for an epic final battle.

It’s winner take all. The fate of the world relies on a group of frightened teenagers. Can they save our world and their friend?

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