17 explicit sex stories

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December 22, 2019
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January 8, 2020

17 explicit sex stories” by Love Monkey

The stories are all sexually descriptive. They are well written with a nice storyline before the sex action begins. At the end of each story you will go ‘WOW!’ A real page turner! If life is getting to you, then these will restore calm, tranquility and will make you feel extremely horny.

A flavour of some of the stories:

Cover to Cover-A man in a wheelchair escapes from the rain into an Oxford, London, bookshop. ‘The skies laden heavy with thick cloud, on that cold November day. Grey/black clouds slowly drifted across the sky. Light, penetrating, drizzle just added to the dreariness of the day.
Personal Carer; A young woman Council carer goes into a male client’s house to get him up and ready in a morning. ‘The doorbell boomed, reverberating throughout the house, on that snowy December day…’ She re-lives a previous relationship.

Christmas Party; A group practice of verts, and practice staff, go to a Christmas party to relax and let their hair down. ‘The hotel’s dining room exuded Christmas. The snow falling outside just added to the festive spirit…’

French Connection; A woman treats herself to a weekend in Paris. Travelling on the EuroStar she has a close encounter with another passenger. ‘The EuroStar shunted away from the Kent station on that sunny June day. ‘On time for once,’ she thought to herself…’

Mile High Club; A successful London barrister is asked to give a talk in America. On the plane she forms a friendship with one of the stewardesses. ‘Moulded into the back of her seat as the plane shot off on its final taxi before lifting to the sky…’

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