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December 4, 2020
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December 12, 2020

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1001 Outrageous Dad Jokes and Wisecracks for Fathers and the entire family” by Johnny Nelson

Show off your comedic skills with these hysterically cringe-worthy dad jokes

Don’t you just love seeing your kids’ exasperated reactions after an expertly delivered one-liner?

Isn’t it incredibly satisfying to provoke eyerolls with your intentionally cheesy puns?

The stereotypically silly dad joke is the hallmark of every fun dad.

Utterly uncool, perplexingly amusing, and painfully funny, they’re guaranteed to induce both groans and guffaws from anyone who hears them.

You can count on your reliable wisecracks to liven up any gathering and cheer up any mood.

But if you’ve been telling the same old quips for the past years, why not update your repertoire with this collection of brilliantly lame, but ridiculously funny dad jokes?

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